Tribute cards are donations specifically made in a loved ones name to recognize an event or cherish a memory.

A special card will be sent recognizing the donation with a customized message of your choice to the individual whom you designate to notify them of your gift. The amount will not be disclosed..

Please contact Candy at: (403) 236.3900.

In partnership with the Calgary Fire Department, all Calgary fire stations accept clothing donations on a YEAR-ROUND basis. Volunteer firefighters collect, repair, clean and distribute the outerwear which can include hats, scarves, mittens and boots.

In addition, Project Warmth Society also coordinates the annual Jacket Racket campaign to keep kids warm during the winter. In collaboration with Calgary CoOp stores, the Calgary Fire Department, Calgary Emergency Medical Services and both public school boards, this campaign collects winter jackets every fall for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

For further information, please contact Candy at: (403) 236.3900. Your generous donation  of warm clothing, blankets, sleeping bags, outer wear and related items for the underprivileged and homeless can be conveniently dropped off at any local Fire Station in the City of Calgary and surrounding area, or in the alternative, please contact Jamie for pick-up at (403) 451.9201 or by e-mailing


Welcome to Project Warmth Society of Alberta

Most of us, and those that are close to us, have never known, or even imagined, what it would be like to be homeless and without proper shelter. To be exposed to the cruelty, harshness and indignity, of the elements, and to be unable to take care of yourself and your family, is something that all of us hope and pray will never happen to them or any of their family, friends, or associates. That homelessness does happen and affects hundreds and even thousands of Albertans yearly, is something that we can only regret and vow to remedy as best as we are able.

Project Warmth Society of Alberta is a registered charitable association that has been formed to assist the homeless and the underprivileged. Blankets, gloves, sleeping bags, scarves, parkas, and items of warm clothing are gathered and cleaned for distribution to those in need. Bins are placed in the many fire stations and halls throughout the City to accommodate the clothing and related items, and arrangements have been made for the pick up of items which people wish to donate.

Everyone is, and must be, concerned, and everyone should and must help to the best of their ability. If you can, please make a cash donation to Project Warmth Society of Alberta, c/o #600, 5920 Macleod Trail S., Calgary, Alberta T2H OK2, and a receipt shall follow immediately afterward. In the alternative, you may make your donation on-line, by clicking on the link (found on this web site) and follow the instructions. Any contribution, regardless of the amount, would be greatly appreciated.

There is much in our community of which we are justifiably proud, yet there is also much that makes us sad and troubled. Would you please help in this most worthwhile endeavour.

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With the assistance of CanadaHelps, the Project Warmth Society, is now able to accept donations online. One-time donations, as well as monthly donations, can now be processed by clicking here.

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